We Have a New Site

Posted 10/6/2011

The Mayapuri Industrial Welfare Association website is up and running. Now you can check our news and upcoming events online. Through our website you can also become a member, update your membership, and sign up to participate in our sports and social activities.

The mission of Mayapuri Industrial Welfare Association is to provide a positive environment for young baseball players, coaches, and referees and to promote the sport by involving volunteers in baseball and encouraging members to pursue education and develop healthy habits.

                                         MAYAPURI INDUSTRIAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION (REGD.)
                                                           phase-I, New Delhi-110064
At the  General Body Meeting of the members of the Association the following persons were duly elcted, as office bearers of our Association.
Name & Designation   Phone(Off.)          
Chief Patron      
             Sh. Jagjyoti Jain     28115615,28115117,
             Sh. Devinder Singh     28116970, 41833020
Vice President      
             Sh.Rajinder Kapoor     28114505-506-507
             Sh.R.K.Malhotra     28115724
General Secretary      
             Sh. Neeraj Sehgal     28114613
Joint Secretary      
             Sh.J.S. Ratan     28116499, 41833500
Hon. Auditor      
             Sh.Hamesh Madan     28116556-57
             Sh. Santokh Singh     28117185, 28115340
Executive Members      
             Sh. Arun Berry     41016041, 65454725
             Sh.Jagdeep Singh     28117284, 28114333
             Sh.Trilok Singh     41833011, 41833019
             Sh.Sumit Syall     28115822, 28115974
             Sh. J.S.Sandhu     28117873, 28113481
             Sh. Surinder Nath     28115986, 28117149
             Sh.Hardit Singh      
             Sh.D.D.Singh     41017521, 28115862
             Sh.Pankaj Dhingra     28117464, 28117456
             Sh.Malkiat Singh     28115122, 28115157
             Sh.Dinesh makol     9810254211